Gain Knowledge and perception of the Shadow Universe of Dark Matter Life

This new and exciting model  covers dark matter, dark energy, gravity, space, shadow dimensions, and negative energy. 

The Shadow Universe of Dark Matter Revealed

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The Grand Unifiation of Dark Matters: The Dark Universe Revealed

This unifying model and theory is a collection of related papers and articles that covers dark matter, dark energy, gravity, space, negative energy, and parallel universes, revealing a fundamental definition for both space and gravity, support of dark energy theory, explanation of dark matter, revealing additional structure and properties of baryonic atoms, sheds new light on baryogenesis, and revises estimates of the longevity of the universe.

Other matters discussed are aerospace, artificial gravity, gravitational waves, wormholes, interstellar space travel, cold fusion, cold fission, parallel dimensions, parallel universes, health and wellbeing, the earth’s atmosphere and global warming.  

The fundamentals are almost a certainty at this point, although some aspects of the model are somewhat speculative based on deduction and citation of unproven theories. It will require validation to spark significant research and advancements in the areas of physics, cosmology, energy, health, climate and various applied sciences. (more)

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Exploring Composite Dark Matter with SIDM and CDM


This supplemental paper explores composite dark matter, what it has in common with cold hydrogen and slow moving particles, including strong interactions and molecular structure, and what these atoms might resemble. 

James Bullock, a professor of physics and astronomy at UC Irvine and his colleagues have done simulations with strong interacting dark matter (SIDM) and have found them to be consistent with current observations of the universe, which often resembles similar halo profiles as cold dark matter (CDM), but solves larger than predicted elastic cross section problems, which could be the right size if dark matter is composite. (more)

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Dark Energy from Dark Matter: Newton vs Einstein, Who’s Really Right?

This supplemental paper explores solutions to the hierarchy problem and the cosmological constant problem with gravity and the fundamental forces, including properties and interactions of dark matter, dark energy, and cold thermodynamics, while developing advanced models for gravity, to help declare a winner between Newton and Einstein.

Aside from the difference in geometry and mathematical formulas, and aside from a Newtonian separation of space and time, with no gravitational waves, no gravitons, no speed of light limits for gravity, and no relativity metrics based on matter, Newtonian gravity is simply based on observation of an apple, leaving the question of how it works to the reader, while Einsteinian gravity has an elegant warping of space-time based on a natural consequence of mass’s influence on space, but who’s really right here?(more)

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