Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs self-actualization and TRANSCENDENCE


Achieving self-actualization of ones full potential

There are many definitions for Enlightenment, but I will assume you mean a full blown experience that would be like trying to explain sound and color to someone who has been deaf and blind their entire life.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is fundamental. It is a motivational theory in psychology comprising an eight-tier and a five-tier model of human needs, where motivation toward reaching your full potential increases as basic needs are met.

often viewed as a lifelong journey is transcendence to enlightenment

Achieving self-actualization of ones full potential, including creative activities can take place in a relatively short period of time.

Lets start at the beginning with raising your vibs, then look for signs that you are awakening, This is the gradual and organic way of raising your kundalini. There is a more spontaneously way to do it through meditation, but that doesn’t come without higher risks.

Awakenings are very common events, exciting times, and are a real eye opener on so many levels. More subtle forms of awakenings are common as part of life’s experiences, often starting in the form of inspirations, leading you on a journey, which usually involves cultivating interests, passions, desires, goals, ideas, etc. that often culminates in yet more awakenings, self-realization and self-actualization.

There are several types of awakenings that often precede a spiritual awakening by even years at times. These include:

  • Kundalini Awakening is a highly energetic experience. Your kundalini is the engine that is fueled by Prara Shakti. There are a lot of different types of prana out there, some providing temporary abilities that will give you a taste of things to come. This awakening is a prerequisite for everything else that follows, although it is possible for things like Lucid Dreaming or Third-Eye to come first. As the mind and body have higher demands for energy, the kundalini will raise.
  • Lucid Dream Awakening is better understood by science than most awakenings, but it is actually an evolutionary advantage. With lucid dreaming you are aware of everything around you, especially movement in a semi-awake state. You can take direct control over the dream state as the observer, making it easier to remember the dream. You can also intervene in the dream.
  • Third-Eye Awakening allows you to see the world of Shakti; a duality between ordinary matter and prana. There is a lot more to nature than I care to tell you about on an open forum. I will say you need to learn how to defend yourself on multiple levels, so if you want a good book on these kind of topics, see Destination Enlightenment with In-Depth Coverage.
  • Synchronicity Awakening is also an evolutionary advantage mostly in meeting the right mate, but its largely to do with uncanny coincidences in your life.

Spiritual Awakenings often get confused with other awakenings and sometimes people have multiple awakenings together so they have trouble distinguishing what’s what and have a rough time of it.

Each of these awakenings comes with special gifts or abilities and may even lead to a power trip. It gets time consuming understanding all of this, along with any new abilities, and horsing around with others. Having some fun with it is part of the experience and a good way to get practice (for example, learning how to manipulate prana shakti, chi/prana battles with others, or closing your eyes and being able to see luminous black, green, blue or white).

There is no need to rush to raise your kundalini to your crown chakra. Spiritual awakenings are when things get serious, so enjoy your other awakenings to gain the right experience and wait for the right prana to energize your spiritual awakening.

A Spiritual Awakening is tricky because it involves a oneness with the devine, so staying skeptical or an atheist may be challenged. This awakening is powered by prana, is highly energetic, raises your awareness, reduces suffering, reduces desires, and creates a calm and collective mindset that comes with being in the know. I can’t explain this as an evolutionary advantage, but it is the start of the journey to enlightenment, which is definitely a huge evolutionary advantage.

My spiritual awakening happened very spontaneously and was a very profound experience, with stages that could perhaps be described in terms of intensity.

Although there are some commonalities between people who have experienced a spiritual awakening, like ego loss, less desires, less suffering, and oneness with the divine, everyone's experience is usually very different.

What is often viewed as a lifelong journey is transcendence to enlightenment…

Enlightenment is harder to describe partly because language just doesn’t do it justice, partly because there are so many definitions, partly because of preconceived expectations, and partly because I’m only getting glimpses of enlightenment (Satori) so I don’t have a full blown and consistent enlightenment yet.

Under the hood, enlightenment is a distinct feeling or Prana Shakti that your body produces. It doesn’t make you all knowing, but opens your eyes in many ways, which can never be closed again, so in some ways enlightenment will always be “persistent”.

On the surface, enlightenment is a very clear and fast thought process with great awareness, insight, visualization, senses, rationalization and memory abilities. This feeling can be “lost” if only for a while, but can backslide for longer periods of time.

The visualization abilities are incredible… Just imagine day dream like perceptions and HD resolution images that you can create with your mind in full color all in a fraction of a second. It’s not just that, you can triangulate on things using virtual cross-lines and be in tune with everything going on around you, including premonitions about people. The same applies to sound, hearing music in your head and visualizing a concert as if you are actually there.

I know I’m just getting a taste of Satori at times, so I’m sure the full experience would be like trying to explain sound and color to someone who has been deaf and blind their entire life.

There is more to “nature” than you could possibly begin to imagine. Some of it is a real hindrance on your journey to enlightenment. You really need to be able to defend yourself on multiple levels. Staying active helps too. This is one of many reasons why you don’t want to rush things along.

You don’t need to force any of this, just let it happen naturally, experiencing each awakening as they arise. You will know when the time is right. In short, enjoy your youth, make headway in the right direction, and when you are so inspired, push the envelope a little.


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