Shakti Permeates as a SHADOW Universe


Cosmic Energy is the Hindu translation of “Shakti” which means “Empowerment” or “Power” and represents the dynamic forces thought to move through the entire universe. Shakti is the personification of the divine feminine power responsible for creation and the agent of change.

The various cultural terms includes Hindu Shakti, Prana, Apana and Yyana, Chinese Chi (Qi), Polynesian Mana, Vietnamese Khi, Korean Gi, Japanese Ki, subtle energy and woo energy, Hebrew koach-ha-guf, Greek Bios, English Aether, Cosmic Energy, Kundalini Energy, Natural Energy, and Material Energy, American Indians Orenda, Ancient Germans Od, and Scientifically known as Dark Matter, most of which are believed to be a part of any living thing, translating to breath, air, gas, or life force that permeates the universe.


Shakti has its own periodic table, supporting life, molecules of all kinds, and has its own energy density. The only difference is how it is perceived and some of its properties are somewhat different. Here are the more significant Shakti physics properties:   

  • Exists in at least Solid, Liquid and Gaseous states. 
  • Strong Force exists, electromagnetic forces can be sensed by the body, but they are not the same as ordinary matter, and not detectable by current technology.
  • Prana is the Shakti equivalent of air, where you can fill your lungs with ordinary air and direct Shakti air (prana) to anywhere in the body. This along with many examples of composite Shakti would suggest a periodic table similar to ordinary matter, perhaps in the same order.
  • Shakti can occupy and pass through other Skakti and Ordinary Matter with resistance relative to the frequencies involved.
  • The size of any mass is relative to the observer. Consciously, Shakti can be compressed when drawn in and consumed. The smaller you make it, the denser the molecules become, which makes taste and smell more pungent.
  • Shakti can be burned in the body into a vapor for the brain. The breakdown of Shakti may ultimately be a cold fission process. Normally, Shakti will get larger and less dense as it breaks down, and the taste and smell is diluted. When fission occurs, it is a cool feeling in the body, with a lot of possibilities depending on decay method, including protons, pions, muons, photons, neutrinos and ions.
  • Folding of space is common in the realm of Shakti. If you connected one end of a Shakti rope to one person and the other end to another, as these people moved away from each other, the Skakti will go more out-of-phase, but once they are in proximity again, it returns to its original phase.
  • Some Shakti, especially subtle body parts, are strongly interactive, all of which suggests there could be more than one type of Shakti.
  • Entirely similar to a 5th dimension, but exists in our space-time. This could probably be described better as we live in a reality of dualities on so many levels, including matter-energy, particles- 
  • In essence, anything that is alive has Shakti for energy, vibrant health, strong emotions, feeling good, feeling life has meaning and value, energy to engage life for growth and fulfillment, and to expand your consciousness.

In short, Shakti is the fuel that powers your spiritual growth and awakenings.

Prana is simply Shakti Air. Although you can only fill your lungs with air, you can fill your entire subtle body (the space your body occupies) with Shakti Air.

Pranayama is the practice of a specific and intricate breathing technique in yoga and refers to various techniques for accumulating expanding, and working with prana.

Indian philosophy states that Shakti creative power has three states. These three Shakti’s can be thought of as intention, formulation and expression. For example, you intend to do something, you formulate a plan in your mind, and you act on that plan, expressing your inner state into the outer world. You create something. 

  • Gyana (jnana) Shaktithe power to know
  • Iccha Shakti willpower
  • Kriya Shaktithe power to act

Yoga philosophy describes three forms of Shakti moving through the body, mind and spirit: 

  • Prana Shakti governs all organs and physical actions. Cultivate this form of Shakti via deep relaxation techniques such as Yoga Nidra and with Pranayama.
  • Chitta Shakti governs all of your mental functions, including your intelligence, thinking, emotions, memory, desires, courage, decision making, planning and so on.
  • Atma Shakti is the causal and creative power of consciousness. Develop spiritual Shakti by techniques such as those found using Chakras.

There is a simpler way to relate to Shakti from personal experience:

  • Prana Shakti – Shakti Air
  • Active Shakti – Includes Shakti produced by the subtle body for emotions and intellectual endeavors, which enters the body at the base of the tongue and doesn’t need to be vaporized to be somewhat available. Also includes some Shakti’s in liquid forms.
  • Passive Shakti – Includes Shakti generally in the form of solids that needs to be vaporized in order to sense.

The chakra system in some Indian traditions is thought to consist of energy centers in your subtle body. According to these beliefs and various esoteric and mystical teachings, the subtle body is separate from the physical body, which corresponds to a subtle plain of existence, in a greater chain of being, that culminates in the physical form. This separation of the subtle body is common among many cultures, which translates to things like “the most sacred body”, “the light body”, “the rainbow body”, and “the body of bliss” and the list goes on.

Your kundalini is a tornado like force that ignites the Shakti in your subtle body and vaporizes it as energy for your brain and endocrine system. In yogic tradition, your kundalini is described as “coiled” at the base of the spine. The awakening process involves moving this ancient vital energy up from the “root chakra” to the “crown chakra” at the top of the head, usually through meditation, breathing, or chanting of mantras.


A synchronicity awakening is a great place to be for a while especially if you are young to gain experience. Some will want to jump right into a spiritual awakening though, just make sure you ignite all chakras for a while.

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